The first step in renovation is to develop a plan for the new space, considering existing systems and the condition of the building, along with possibilities to update it. For that, it is essential to clearly define needs and desires. Personalised solutions are possible for different projects. This process also requires consideration of various factors, such as the functionality of spaces and budget constraints.


A more extensive renovation project may include the demolition of old structures to make way for new ones. A work schedule may incorporate the erection of new partitions and the installation of flooring and ceilings. Renovation projects often require engineering system upgrades, such as electrical or plumbing. Additionally, it may be essential to reconfigure the heating and ventilation systems to ensure maximum efficiency within the new layout.

Interior finishing

The colour and pattern palette from conceptual collages enters actual spaces at this stage. Modern-shaped buildings or renovation projects are enriched by a range of finishing options. Often, a combination of different materials is used. Their installation usually requires special knowledge and skills; our professionals are prepared to take on these jobs. High quality is crucial for visual appeal and the long-lasting functionality of customised solutions. Together with creating a stylish and cosy environment, these parameters raise property value.