Providing renovation and fitting-out services in Lithuania and Western and Southern Europe for over a decade

More than forty talented individuals from different professions, including engineers, builders, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, work for the company today. We have successfully completed projects in Holland, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Lithuania, and other European nations. To date, our portfolio includes more than 150 residential and commercial projects.

Pronex Bouw is your reliable partner for fitting out residential and commercial properties. We specialise in complex solutions from concept to the key, including but not limited to engineering system installation, finishing and non-standard decor works, furniture design, and installation. We collaborate with architects, interior designers, craftsmen, and artists. Our service offerings vary depending on clients' needs. Detailed project management from start to finish, combined with ongoing communication with the client, builds trust and saves time. Close cooperation within the team and its expertise ensure quality—this is our business card.


We are proud to hold certifications for leadership, financial stability, and quality.

Why us?

Multifaceted solutions enable the implementation of projects of varying complexity, from design to finishing touches.
Our project manager creates a work plan and ensures that deadlines are met.
Precise fulfilment of expectations is highly valued by customers.
We are prepared to execute even the most unexpected ideas, from design to finishing touches.

Client testimonials

  • When I interacted with the employees at Pronex, I immediately realized that they have long-term experience. I chose them after receiving a recommendation, and now I recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable partner
  • It is a pleasure to remember working with the Pronex team.We recommend!
  • Our hotel is popular among tourists coming from different countries so when the opportunity arose, we decided to renovate for modern decoration. The cooperation with Pronex paid off - the professional specialists did the work with high quality and on time, so soon the hotel guests could enjoy the renewed rooms.
  • Quality interior finishing in the apartment became my goal last summer. For quite some time I was looking for a company with which I would find common ground and which would meet my expectations. When we started working with Pronex, I realized I had found a real team of professionals, and today I am really happy with the result.
  • When my partners and I decided to renovate our office space, we contacted this company for recommendations. We are satisfied with the work done - Pronex met the deadlines specified in the contract, offered innovative solutions for commercial premises that we had never thought of.
  • Great and professional work you guys! Wish you the best of luck.
  • We have chosen this company for the repair of our home - we are not sorry! For our family, it was most important that everything was done on time, and Pronex exceeded our expectations. We can't complain about the quality either, so we recommend it to anyone planning to renovate.
  • When communicating with Pronex Bouw, I immediately realized that the employees are professional and experienced. They truly transformed my space into a modern and inviting environment. The company was suggested to me, and I now recommend it to everyone looking for a reliable contractor.
  • We chose Pronex Bouw for our home renovation; we could not be happier with this choice. Getting everything done on time was the most important thing for our family. The company and its team exceeded our expectations.
  • Pronex Bouw was more than a contractor; the company performed as a true partner and took ownership of our situation and all questions arising from start to finish during our house renovation. We are so happy they could handle every aspect of this project that saved us tons of time. Thank you.