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Home renovation at an affordable price

When the time comes to renew and redecorate living spaces, the question arises about expenses. They can be larger or smaller depending on the scale of the planned works and materials. The cost of home renovation can be reduced without losing quality and aesthetic sense by employing strategic design, material, time and other principle considerations.

Over the past few years, we have observed the growing prices of raw materials and energy resources, as well as the increase in wages – this has affected costs of renovation projects accordingly. Work related to wood (doors, floors, etc.) repairs saw an extreme increase in price; wall painting or tiling are in high demand also. As the inflation rate remains high, these prices are predicted to rise further. However, it is still possible to carry out renovation projects at an affordable price when following certain principles.

When planning a home renovation, questions inevitably arise about project costs and what they consist of. For this, one should make an estimate – this is extremely helpful when trying to save money. Its amount will depend on the price of materials and planned works (usually, this calculation is based on the size of the area). Not to incur additional and unforeseen costs, these works must be described as accurately as possible. It is even better to consult with specialists in the field, especially when working on this without a professional designer. Not following the set renovation budget and action plan, actual costs can spiral quickly and become uncontrollable. A contractor able to offer all the necessary services will prevent such a situation.

The intention to save more by doing some work yourself does not always work out in practice – do-it-yourself attempts may lead to many negative consequences and cause losses. Own price research will show the situation in the market – at least three home renovation estimates will allow you to weigh the ratio of costs and time. It is just important to remember that cheaper does not always mean better. By the way, feedback about contractors from previous customers will also be helpful.

Short-term savings may not pay off in the long run. With a limited budget, we tend to forget the long-term effectiveness of existing energy-saving technologies or materials. Natural energy (light and heat) should be fully utilised when repairing structures and planning window installation.

When renovating a bathroom, it is worth leaving the existing plumbing points (place for a toilet, sink, bathtub or shower cabin) because changing their location increases the cost and length of renovation work enormously. A qualified and experienced plumber will advise how to make the most of the existing spaces without changing the plumbing points.

One more simple way to save money when renovating a home is to choose cheaper materials and use expensive materials only for certain representative parts. It is always possible to find great-looking alternatives that will assist in getting the desired aesthetic result within the set budget.

Home renovation is one of the most thrilling but, at the same time, the most demanding projects, so you should think carefully about what you are ready for. Given the opportunity and to avoid a lot of unnecessary stress, it makes sense to hire professionals knowledgeable in the area. Our team will always advise you on the renovation budget and do the necessary work.