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Extending living space

Any accommodation should be spacious enough for maximum relaxation, comfort and joy. The extension of living spaces will undoubtedly make any house way more functional. That is a cost-effective approach to add value to the property and can be an alternative to moving to more spacious accommodation. Even small but well-thought-out extension and reconfiguration of spaces can make a massive difference to layout, lighting, overall design and deco of premises. Improvements can also refine the aesthetic view of the building by adding chic and character to it. Below are some ideas on how to breathe new life into the living areas and make the most of them.

Extension of ground floor area

Perhaps the most common way to increase the living space is by extending it on the ground floor level. That is a perfect method to enlarge the kitchen or living area, incorporate a dining area and possibly add a utility room. It involves the demolition of the existing wall and building of an additional structure with new windows, patio doors and a new roof. The glass roof will provide maximum natural daylight.

Two-storey extension

Depending on your requirements, budget and various existing regulations, it may be possible to build a two-storey extension. As a complex process, it requires evaluations of existing construction and considerations about the new exterior (can choose from brickwork, cladding or rendering, etc.).

Vertical expansion of the house

The option of taking off the roof and adding a whole new storey to the house may sound drastic. However, that is a good and cost-saving makeover to increase the living area by a sizable amount of space. There is a chance that the existing foundation will not need redoing (but needs to be checked), and large parts of roof construction can be saved and re-used, thus saving lots of money.

Garage conversion

A practical way to extend the living area is by transforming a garage connected to the house without involving extensive building works such as building additional external walls and other structures. Instead, the focus is on the reconfiguration of existing spaces to increase their functionality.

The room above the garage

One more way to utilise existing spaces is by building an extension over the garage. That will create an additional room (without reducing garden space) to be used as a bedroom, office, walk-in wardrobe or similar. However, one thing to be mindful of is the strength and stability of the foundation. This one is for professionals to assess and sort out.

Loft conversion

Increasing the usable area of the accommodation is possible by utilising empty attic space and transforming it into a functional space such as a bedroom, office or similar. It can become a stunning walk-in wardrobe, dressing room or even cinema. If the area is big enough, it may accommodate an additional bathroom or en suite as well. Due to the shape of the roof, these rooms often have an unusual form. With careful consideration, a well-thought-out decor and arrangement of the specially selected furniture, it is possible to make it extra cosy and comfortable for everyday living.

Basement conversion

A basement with a generous ceiling height is a great project to extend the living space. The process does not involve building complex external structures; however, it inherits specifics relating to dampness and may require damp proofing. A well-thought-out plan will enable the creation of functional yet cosy rooms and even a cinema.


The enclosed porch is an additional dimension to the front of the house. This small addition to the hallway provides a handy space and possibly storage for shoes and outdoor wear, etc. An open plan porch is ideal for hiding from the weather or can serve as a beautiful relaxing outdoor space with some seating.


A conservatory will increase floor space and enhance any house; it can become a bespoke room for relaxation, dining or an office. Glazed structures and a glass roof allow natural light to flood the room by making it extra special. For maximum comfort, all year round, it requires sufficient heating during the winter months (maybe even an electric fireplace) and blind and cooling-ventilation systems to protect from the summer heat.

Once you have a clear understanding of what you can achieve to maximise your living space, work can begin. As a skilled tradesman, you can work on the extension to your home yourself; however, you will need the help of qualified professionals if this project is beyond your abilities and requires specific knowledge. The Pronex team will be delighted to step in.

It is a messy process to go through but well worth it in the end.